A few months ago my parents moved out of their home of 45 years to a senior living environment.  We were concerned with what to do with all of their furniture and household items, some of which my parents had possessed for almost all of those 45 years.  We were referred to Ormolu Estate Services and particularly to Debra Jensen to help us with the sale of the furnishings.
Debra and her staff did an outstanding job in selling my parents furnishings.  They spent many hours preparing for the sale, including rearranging furniture, cleaning and polishing all the household items to ensure that everything was put in the best light as possible for the sale which covered 3 days.  They brought in lots of additional lighting to spotlight items.  The advertising coverage was phenomenal.
It was the most organized production I have ever seen.  To say the least, my parents were very pleased with the outcome and the amount of funds they received from the sale.  It was way above their expectations.
Thank you Debra and your staff for doing such an excellent job.   V.H.

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Ormolu and Debra and Jerry Jensen.
My husband and I hired the Jensen's to assist in the liquidation of my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law's estates.  When we hired them, there were boxes filling a three car garage that had not been opened in several years, in addition to the furniture in the house.
The Jensen's spent close to three weeks, opening, sorting and cleaning every item that was to be sold in the estate sale.  In addition, they spent several nights at the house to ensure that the sale could take place by the end of the month when we needed to move out of the house.  The also found a home for Binky the Siamese cat, which was an answer to many prayers.
They were a huge help to us during a difficult time, allowing my husband and me to concentrate on the other arrangements that needed to be made.
I would recommend the Jensen's without reservation to anyone looking for someone to organize and run an estate sale.  Without their help, we never could have taken care of things as quickly or as efficiently.      M.O.
                    HAPPY CLIENTS